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© Iris Ranzinger

Dorothee Golz

Visual Artist

Dorothee Golz (*1960, Muehlheim, Germany) studied art in Strasbourg and in parallel art history and anthropology at the ­University of ­Freiburg. She has lived and worked in Vienna ­since 1988. ­Following her participation in documenta X (1997) her works have achieved an international ­reputation. For the CeMM Brain Lounge she created a chair backrest artwork.

“The scientist, like the artist, presses ­forward into previously unexplored or unnamed areas. It is no coincidence then that with the CeMM Brain Lounge a place has been created where art and science come together. As an artist, I am driven by a certain joy in exploration. My work and installations are always experimental arrangements addressing specific questions. They are questions regarding “humanness,” or what it is that makes up this world that we perceive subjectively. 

I formulate notions and make assertions, try to make possibilities tangible. Unlike the scientist, I fortunately do not have to provide logically verifiable evidence. I am aided instead by the power of poesy. One thing is certain: inspiration is the key that opens unexplored worlds. This is as true for the scientist as it is for the ­artist. Insight generally grows from notions; notions make both scientific and artistic work possible.”