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© Michael Sazel

Professor Dr. Veronika Sexl

Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

It has been a great pleasure to watch CeMM evolve over the last years with incredible speed and I feel privileged having had the opportunity to observe CeMM’s development. CeMM evolved into a pillar of Austrian science and the Viennese science community. The manifold fruitful collaborations and the dynamic drive and spin given to all interaction partners including Medical University and Veterinary University is of unpayable value. Medical science in Vienna needs CeMM for their further blooming and growing and I hope to see CeMM taking an even larger part in the future. Pushing Austrian science by technology and creative ideas – spanning from cutting edge proteomics, next generation sequencing or drug screening is CeMMs great strength. CeMM started as a high profile institute for translational science and developed the skills and tools for the successful implementation of personalized and precision medicine. CeMM has set a standard for medical science in Austria – it is a beautiful example of combining basic research and translational science at its best. The combination of serious science with the art of living – CeMM serves as a role model.