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Prof. Dr. Heinz Faßmann

Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research

Science is not just for the sake of science.Science has to have an impact and shouldbe for the benefit of society. It must leadto the gaining of knowledge in order toaddress societal questions and needs. It mustgive rise to innovations that are taken upby society and the economy. Science shallprovide an inspiring environment thatsupports the education and trainingof young and talented people and preparesthem for their future career path. I highlyrecognize that CeMM is holding up exactlysuch a spirit. I welcome the vision ofCeMM to bridge the gap between healthcareand the research lab, from bench to bedsideand vice versa. Under its renowned andinspiring leadership and with its talentedand open-minded staff, CeMM resembles avibrant incubator of translation andinnovation on the forefront of molecularmedicine. In particular, passing on such aholistic research approach to CeMM’s PhDsand postdocs, who will belong totomorrow’s generation of medical scientists,is a value not to underestimate.