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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply before I receive my degree?

Yes, you do not need to have completed your degree at the time of application. However, you must obtain your final degree certificate by the end of September. If your degree certificate is not available at the time of your application, we kindly ask you to upload a copy of your latest academic transcript instead.

Do I have to have any specific English language exam qualifications or grades?

No, we do not ask for any specific language exam qualifications or grades. However, the working language at CeMM is English, so excellent written and oral communication skills in English are required.

Do I have to have a Master's degree?

No, you can also apply if you have a Bachelor's degree. However, in this case you must have completed a four year course, achieved a first class honors or a 2:1, and you should be able to demonstrate that you have acquired a significant amount of research experience.

Can I apply by emailing my CV and motivation letter to the PhD program coordinators?

No, you must submit your application through the centralized online application system.

My referees have already written reference letters for me. Can I upload scanned copies of these letters instead of asking my referees to submit a reference online?

No, it is not possible to upload letters of recommendation. Neither can you send these letters via email to the program coordinators. Your referees are asked to fill in the online reference form.

I cannot enter my name/my referee’s name.

Please make sure that you are not trying to use any special characters, only roman alphabet characters are recognized.

Which documents do I have to upload to complete my application?

You have to upload 1. a motivation letter, 2. your CV, and 3. your study certificate/s. If your degree certificate is not available at the time of your application, we kindly ask you to upload a copy of your latest academic transcripts instead.

Do I need to have my certificates translated into English and authenticated?

There is no need to have your certificates translated or authenticated during the online application process. The official translation and authentication of the certificates and degrees is only required at a later stage for registration at the Medical University of Vienna.

Why am I unable to submit my application?

Please kindly check that all the mandatory information fields have been completed. Please also make sure that you have uploaded at least one document to support your application, and that at least one of your referees has submitted a reference.

How can I check the status of my application and ensure that my referees have completed their references?

Open the second step of the application and there you will see a tab called "Your Referees". Click on this tab and you can check the status of your references and send them a reminder if necessary.

Where do I find a list of open positions?

The CeMM PhD program each year focuses on a small number of thematic research areas which reflect the research strengths of the current CeMM faculty. Rather than applying for a specific project with a specific Principal Investigator, all candidates apply to a common pool of positions and research areas.

Should I contact a specific group leader with whom I wish to work before applying to the CeMM Program?

No, please do not contact group leaders directly. Since all candidates are applying to a common pool of positions, it is not possible at the application stage to request to work with a particular Principal Investigator.