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Aging & Healthy Lifespan Extension

Aging presents a biological phenomenon at the core of many chronic conditions in life. Targeting the fundamental underpinnings of aging holds the promise of delaying or preventing the onset and severity of aging-associated diseases. To do so, a deeper understanding of the precise biological mechanisms underlying the aging process is needed.

At CeMM, we take a fresh and multidisciplinary perspective on human aging and longevity by leveraging and integrating modern molecular, cellular, and computational techniques and strategies.
With this initiative, we aim to achieve a positive impact in human longevity and expansion of the healthy period of life.

Tissue integrity changes during aging

Loss of molecular integrity of cells and dysfunctional cellular communication underpin the progressive loss of tissue function during aging. The Rendeiro group seeks to characterize the loss cell and tissue integrity associated with aging, using tissue imaging techniques and computational methods for its analysis. Uncovering the relationship between tissue integrity, aging, and disease onset, will empower the development of interventions that can delay the aging process and prevent the onset of disease.

Vascular aging

Laura de Rooij’s group at CeMM uses (single-cell) transcriptional profiling and functional vascular assays to increase our fundamental understanding of the molecular make-up and function of circulating endothelial cells in healthy aging and aging-associated disease, with the overarching goal of exploring the translational relevance of this cell type for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular aging.