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Diagnostics and Prognostics

In line with CeMM’s mission “from the clinic to the clinic”, the institute has a strong interest in the development of innovative therapeutic and diagnostic strategies for treating a variety of diseases. To support this, CeMM has built up a suite of sophisticated tools including high-throughput chemical screening platforms and chemical proteomics.

Drug screening platforms

The Chemical Screening Facility in CeMM's Molecular Discovery Platform, coordinated by Anna Koren, provides internal and external researchers and project partners with access to chemical biology resources, including a 92,000 compound library as well as high-throughput and high-content screening equipment, to identify and characterize small molecules that affect new targets for studying biological processes and developing new drugs. A highly skilled and motivated team provides support during all stages, from library and compound selection to assay planning, computational and wet-lab assay preparation, assay execution and data analysis. We offer well established routine assays but are also able to implement special methods and provide support for assay development and miniaturization.

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases (LBI RUD) under the leadership of Kaan Botzug will establish coordinated research efforts on the genetic and functional basis of rare diseases. LBI-RUD will pursue an ambitious translational research program to phenotypically characterize rare diseases patients in Austria and beyond and efficiently identify known and novel, causative gene defects. Furthermore, the researchers will conduct molecular work-up to unravel disease mechanisms and translate these discoveries into therapeutic options for individual patients and for groups of rare diseases sharing similar biology. Special focus of the institute will be on the investigations of rare diseases of the immune system and hematopoiesis and rare neurological diseases. Furthermore, LBI RUD will pursue research on ethical and societal aspects of rare diseases and connect with a broad range of stakeholders to advance rare diseases research.

CeMM, the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Medical University of Vienna, and the Children´s Cancer Research Institute of St. Anna Children’s Hospital (CCRI) are official partners of LBI-RUD.