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Life in Vienna



Vienna is culturally rich and diverse and a very comfortable city to live in.

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Vienna Tourist Information

City of Vienna

Vienna is a culturally rich and diverse city, with the opera, classical concerts, ballet, and numerous museums and art galleries. During the summer Vienna plays host to several free music festivals and in winter the city is transformed by the Christmas markets and outdoor ice skating rinks.

Vienna is also a green city with many parks and open spaces. The Danube flows through the city, and it is surrounded by vineyards and the woods where visitors and the Viennese enjoy picnics, a glass of wine or two, and beautiful walks.

From a practical sense Vienna is a very comfortable city to live in. The public transport network is extensive, and for just €1 a day with the Vienna transport year card you can ride all the trains, trams, buses and underground trains within the city. Together with comprehensive health insurance, and reasonable priced accommodation, Vienna is a great place to live.

The CeMM Scientific Director reminds us that Vienna has probably the best product of [(quality of local beer) x (quality of local wine) x (quality of local coffee) x (quality of local tap water)] in the world.